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ld49 - strong and stable

It was LD49 last weekend! I offered to help Tom move on Saturday, so I didn't have a huge amount of time to make anything. Sadly all of the friends were I usually enter with were busy this weekend as well, so I entered the Compo for the first time in years!

The theme was "Unstable", and the only thing I could think when trying to come up with a game idea was Theresa May and "Strong and Stable". So, of course, that's how the game turned out!




I don't think a lot of people who have played the game have got the jokes, but that's okay. I'm pretty happy with what I made!

The compo is hard! Lots less time and lots more decisions to make on your own as well. Harder to keep motivated, harder to come up with good ideas... I can see why more games are made for the Jam!

Link to the game!

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russian gp

I am so gutted for Norris. Big learning opportunity though for both him and McLaren. What a super duper race. This year has been so good.

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parkrun - 25th september 2021 - thurrock - 22:15

I realise the last three posts have all been parkrun. I've had some pretty busy weekends which I am planning on writing up, but I just haven't had the time or energy.

But I did still manage to get to Parkrun again. This is #49; I'm finally almost at the first big milestone! We also finally got round to running to and from Parkrun, so I was well fueled and well warmed up. After last week where I definitely started too quickly and had to try and hang on, this week I paced myself well on the first kilometre and stayed strong throughout the whole distance.

There was some fun racing: by the halfway point I was running in a group of 4 all jostling for position. Down the straight I broke away with one other guy, but as the fourth kilometre finished he started to pull away as my legs failed a bit. He passed an older man and a young girl, and I was catching both of them. Past the final turn, there's a 350m straight all the way to the finish. I usually try my hardest to push all the way down; I was catching the two ahead of me, and they were catching the guy I was originally running with who looked like he was flagging a bit. From somewhere deep inside I pulled out a solid sprint finish, overtaking almost all of them but getting pipped by the younger girl just on the line.

A fun race that netted me my best time this year. Sub-22 seems very doable with a bit more training, and it's nice that what I'm doing does seem to be paying off. I'm enjoying the cross training through climbing and UWH, but I think a bit more running would go a long way as well.

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parkrun - 18th september 2021 - thurrock - 22:37

Another week, another parkrun. Would have liked to have done more exercise this week, but I was pretty tired after last weekend.

Not much to say about this one. I went off way too fast, and then had to try and hang on: kilometre four was particularly hard. I was aiming for mid-22s though, so it worked out. Happy to see this kind of time officially, and hope to see that time trending back down.

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parkrun - 11th september 2021 - preston park - 23:50

I was in Brighton for a Stag Do over the weekend, but I still wanted to go to parkrun. So I dragged my tired and slightly hungover butt to Preston Park and did 5k. I started off pretty strong but lost a lot of energy. Considering my breakfast was 3 carrot sticks and I went to bed at 2:30am, I'm not that surprised. Hopefully I can get some good running in next week and be back on form soon!

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