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parkrun - 24th july 2021 - thurrock - 24:02

Parkrun is back!!!!

I thought it could be fun to keep a log of Parkruns as well. We missed the Wednesday 5k this month (v sad) but as the move is over I'm hoping to get more into it whilst we're living at Beth's parents'.

It was pretty humid and hot. It was raining just before we left and I wore my trail shoes, which probably wasn't the best idea as the ground was still really solid.

My time was 24:02, which was fine? Given how fit I feel at the moment anyway. It's kind of reassuring that I'm as fast as I was before I really started running. I haven't regressed past that, which is nice! And I know it comes back quite quickly. Anyway, onwards and upwards! Looking forward to more parkruns!

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moving out part 2

We're done! I didn't end up taking too many pictures because it was much harder work than we thought. Still, we boxed everything up, got it all in the van, and unpacked at Beth's parents' house.




Driving a big old van through London was an experience as well. I'm glad I can still drive a manual car as well (it's been a while!). There was definitely a lot of revving involved though.

Lots of unpacking to do now. We've started but it seems like a pretty daunting task... One piece at a time, I guess!

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how to build a car - adrian newey

Reminder to self: add a picture when it's out of the box!

I think I may have got this book as a present. Or maybe I bought it for someone else and then also wanted it for myself. Either way, I got it a few years ago and tried to read it once. I don't know why I stopped; I was enjoying it then, and I enjoyed it properly this time around.

I'm pretty damn jealous of Adrian Newey! He seems to have had an incredible life of doing what he loves all over the globe with some incredible people. His is also obviously very good at what he does, and has shown his worth at the top level of a very competitive sport.

I've always loved the idea of being part of a small, scrappy team doing something competitive. I think I might value my personal time too much for it though. Although I guess if part of it was for me, I wouldn't mind working on it so much.

The book has some really great tales of triumph and solving complex technical problems. I'd like to do more of that.

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moving out part 1

The flat is a huge tip, boxes are being packed, sofa cushions are being washed, and it's sweltering hot. Moving weekend has started!


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our garden

We're moving out of our flat this weekend! We've lived here for 3 and a half years, and it's really flown by! It's a bit bittersweet. I love London, I really like the area where we live and the flat itself isn't bad. But changes are good, and it's for better things!

Outside our living-room window, we have a pseudo-balcony. It's actually just the top of the bay-window of the flat below us, but it's a tiny bit of outdoor space. A couple of years ago, Beth bought some window boxes, and since then, we've been tending to and enjoying our little garden.

It died a little when we went on holiday a couple of months ago, as it often does when we go away, but we can usually nurture most of it back to life. One of our projects this year was a cucumber plant; a spare taken from Beth's parent's house. It was a bit worse for wear when we came back, but has picked up since, and has given us our first cucumber!


It's not huge, as I think its growth was stunted when the plant ran out of water when we went away. Still, we ate it, and it was delicious. More are coming, as well!

We'll take most of the garden with us when we move, and they can have a new life in Beth's parents' house. The plants have been really lovely to have, and a fun project to upkeep. One of the main conditions for the new flat is that it needs outdoor space for more plants!


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