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I've been back at work for a single day after a week off and I'm already tired.

I'm not sure what a sustainable way to work is... Plus it's frustrating that it feels like it's stopping me from doing other things: I want to write a post on my holiday, and I just finished American Gods and want to write a post on that too... But I don't seem to have the brainpower.

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parkrun - 14st august 2021 - bournemouth - 23:32


I was at my parents this week, so we went to Bournemouth Parkrun. I ran with Catherine (who is leaving for Stanford on Thursday(!)) for the first 4km... And then she smoked me!

The pace felt hard and I was slowing as we went. I definitely would have gone slower without someone else to run with!

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they came to baghdad - agatha christie

It's another Christie!


This is one of her standalones, more of a thriller than a mystery. As clear by the title, the majority of the book occurs in Baghdad, or other parts of Iraq. Having no idea what Baghdad was like in the 60s, I would have liked a bit more flavour and description; but maybe that's not what you read Agatha Christie for.

The characters, as usual, are interesting and varied, with the protagonist, Victoria, being a spunky, adventurous and bold (almost to an unbelievable amount). The pacing is good, with mysteries and questions driving the narrative forwards. The conclusion has a fair amount of happy conveniences, but they're explained away in the plot somewhat.

I enjoyed reading it, but I think I like the mysteries more.

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no drum and bass in the jazz room - clever girl


I'll be honest - I have no idea how to write this. I'd love to be able to talk about this album but I don't really know the right words or feel like I have enough music knowledge to say what I really mean. Oh well. I'll try.

This is a great album. I love the jazz influence, I love the clever drums, I love the complex guitar. I love the bit where it goes "BA DA BA BA". I love the way it builds and falls and plays with rhythms and tempos. I love trying to listen to one instrument only to get dragged into something playful in my other ear. I love the emotions you can pull from the instruments. I love how it ends on a high and leaves you feeling pumped and hopeful.


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the princess bride

Whilst I was working for YouTube, they had a Global Summit in LA. We flew out there for a couple of weeks, spending the first by the beach, and the second in the city at the convention. It was a really great time: looking back it's a really good example of the kinds of things Google will do to foster a collaborative and friendly atmosphere that really builds relationships and friendships with coworkers. The event itself was pretty nuts: the picture below is of our private Snoop Dog concert on the last evening.


On one of the evenings we went out to a Pool Bar. It was a fairly small, busy place, and we got there pretty late, meaning we didn't get to play any pool (and almost got into an argument about who got the last game on one of the tables). One thing I remember distinctly about the bar was that it had a tiny little TV in the corner, which was playing The Princess Bride. As we weren't playing pool and the bar was a bit too loud to talk (plus I think I was pretty tired and a bit hungover), I ended up watching a fair amount of the movie.

The part I remember distinctly was the scene with Vizzini and Westley, where they try and outwit each other with poison in the wine. I still think the twist at the end of the scene is genius.


After that, the film went on my list and at some point we got around to watching it. It is very up my street. It's just very fun, and doesn't take itself too seriously. The physical humour is on point, the framing of a story in a story is great, and the number of fantastic lines is too high to count ("Is this a kissing book?" is a line Beth and I quote to each other more than I'd like to admit).

We watched it again this evening and after reading the book, I'm struck by how silly it is compared to how much darker I remember the book being. The humour is different too; it's almost slapstick in the movie, especially from the wedding to them storming the castle.

One of my favourites!

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