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two more christies

Just after Christmas I was feeling a bit sad - I was hearing my friends all make plans back home, and felt a bit homesick over Christmas. So I went for a walk and bought myself some of books to cheer myself up. One was new, but the others came from a second hand bookstore that I am definitely going to return to.

The two I've got round to reading have both been Agatha Christies (it's about time I read some more to keep up my 50% Christie rate). The first was At Bertram's Hotel, a Miss Marple book. It was okay; I think I enjoy Miss Marple for the small village, countryside setting, as well as Miss Marple's shrewd and understated comments. Sadly, both were mostly missing from this book, and the mystery felt a bit forced.


The second was Dead Man's Folly, which was a Poirot. I thought the setup was very well done - a murder mystery hunt at an old English Manor, with a wide array of potential suspects, and a possible solution to the murder that would mirror the solution to the mystery hunt? Again, sadly, it didn't quite land: the solution felt a little rushed and like it came out of the blue. It was a little far-fetched as well, which was unfortunate.


Still, two more down!

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