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celeste speedrunning

I love Celeste. I got it on my Switch after hearing some of the hype around it, and I genuinely think it's one of the best games I've ever played. I've collected all the strawberries, beaten all the B and C sides and the ridiculous Chapter 9 as well, and even got a few of the golden strawberries (where you beat an entire level without dying). I think I'm fairly decent at the game as well - but speedruns of the game are another level.

TGH was WR holder around the time I started watching runs - I remember watching his first sub-30 run and being blown away. The world record right now is around 27 minutes - it's impossibly precise and is just a treat to watch.

I started attempting speedruns of Celeste in December. My first run was a bit under 2 hours, and I thought with a bit of practice sub-hour would definitely be doable. It was! I got a 58:35, which currently puts me 1497th in the world. I think I'd still like to keep going. Sub 50 definitely seems possible without too much work on strats and technique, just less deaths. We'll see!

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