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wednesday 5ks - april - 22:54

Beth has decided that we are doing a 5k on the first Wednesday of every month. We try to do intervals every Wednesday, so it fits nicely. Parkrun also hasn't started back yet, so this actually makes us go out and try to do some faster running.

I thought I'd post all the times I do here as a record.

This was a fair first attempt - I'm not particularly fit right now, so I'm happy with this as a starting point. I think this showed I really need to do more core as that's what was holding me back in the last couple of kms.

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hollow knight

Last month I completed Hollow Knight. I "100%ed" the base game (excluding DLCs), and it was really fun. I played through as much as I could without looking anything up, which mostly worked, but there were a few things that I had to look up, like where to use the King's Brand, and how to wake up the White Knight guy (I completely missed the Dream Bosses). Most of it was incredibly fun and just the right amount of challenging - but I thought some bits were pretty dumb (like having to fight the Hollow Knight every time before the Radiance) or easy to cheese (the Breakable charms not breaking in the Dream boss fights). I'm not sure how I feel about the story either. It seems a bit like they were making it up as they went along, and used the "mystery" and lack of information to cover up the bits even they didn't understand. Or maybe I'm wrong!

Overall though, I can understand the hype now. One of the games I've enjoyed the most during lockdown.

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me and my phone

As mentioned in the previous post, I have an issue with YouTube. I also generally think I spend too much time on my phone (Reddit and Hacker News are my biggest time sinks, with Instagram also contributing). I don't mindlessly scroll as much as I used to, or as much as some people, but it still alarms me how much feel like I need to be checking something, or need my mind stimulated.

So I've deleted all those apps from my phone. Woo hoo, what a novel and introspective thing to do. I'm sure my mother is proud.

Still, the point is, I now find myself with a bit of free time on my hands. I enjoyed the blogging for the week I did it, so I'm going to attempt to busy my fingers and brain with blog posts instead, in a vain attempt to be productive and creative.

Hopefully they'll get better, but I'm planning more, less thought through (probably less exciting) posts. How thrilling.

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wasting time

I procrastinate. I think my two settings of work are 100% or 0% - if I am inspired, or understand how to get from point A to point B, I can give things my complete focus. Otherwise, I think it's difficult for me to make progress on anything. YouTube is my biggest time waste - I had a fairly nasty habit of watching videos when I was stuck or confused at work.

On the flip side - I also feel a need to make my free time productive. I feel like I need to relax in the most efficient way possible; that I should be ingesting the highest quality media, or being personally productive in side projects. This usually ends up with procrastinating on deciding what to do, and doing the lowest effort thing - which ends up being YouTube binges. And then I'm neither relaxed or enjoying myself.

I don't have a solution to either of these issues. I don't think I can just think my way out of them: using sheer force of will doesn't seem like a long term fix. But perhaps admitting it and writing it down will highlight the absurdity of the situation.

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celeste speedrunning

I love Celeste. I got it on my Switch after hearing some of the hype around it, and I genuinely think it's one of the best games I've ever played. I've collected all the strawberries, beaten all the B and C sides and the ridiculous Chapter 9 as well, and even got a few of the golden strawberries (where you beat an entire level without dying). I think I'm fairly decent at the game as well - but speedruns of the game are another level.

TGH was WR holder around the time I started watching runs - I remember watching his first sub-30 run and being blown away. The world record right now is around 27 minutes - it's impossibly precise and is just a treat to watch.

I started attempting speedruns of Celeste in December. My first run was a bit under 2 hours, and I thought with a bit of practice sub-hour would definitely be doable. It was! I got a 58:35, which currently puts me 1497th in the world. I think I'd still like to keep going. Sub 50 definitely seems possible without too much work on strats and technique, just less deaths. We'll see!

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