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alba: a wildlife adventure


I love short games. I don't care if an experience is only a few hours, if those hours are free from filler and don't waste my time. I'd much rather have a game leave me feeling like I want more. I got that feeling with Alba: A Wildlife Adventure.


The game has you playing as the titular Alba, on holiday on a Spanish island with your grandparents. The mayor is planning to build a luxury hotel on the decaying nature reserve, and it's up to you to get enough signatures on your petition to save the reserve.


You do this by tidying up the island, and generally doing good deeds. Along the way there's an ongoing quest to photograph every animal and bird on the island.


It's very simple and heart-warming. But it has a nice message and doesn't try to be anything it's not. Taking photos of flying birds was sometimes frustrating, but apart from that I have nothing negative to say about the game.


Make more short games, people!






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