consistent inconsistency


Well it's my birthday! I'm 26 today.

One thing I always think about on my birthday is how bad I am at remembering other people's. It's nice to be remembered, so perhaps I should make more of an effort to do it for other people.

As we're moving pretty soon most of my gifts from Beth were either edible or usable, or things that I'd want to keep after we move. Chocolates and bath bombs for the former, Vancouver/Canada books and bib shorts for the latter.

Also: it's very sad how uncreative I feel when I'm working. It's been a busy couple of weeks (one of my reports is going for promo, 2 people are leaving and 2 people are joining the team, my intern is starting, new quarter is starting with big new projects...), but it's been frustrating that I haven't felt like I wanted to write anything. It's very obvious compared to holiday. I guess everyone needs to relax, but still.

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