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running in london in the winter

I like running. Especially long runs - most weekends we'll be out somewhere doing at least a few miles. I also really suck at running. I am slow. I would love to be faster, but most of the time I just love being outside more and spending time with my fiancee.

That being said, sometimes I wonder why I like running. Especially when I'm doing up my shoes, about to go out onto the dark, wet, rainy streets of London and run roads and parks that I've seen hundreds of times before. When I'm not signed up to any races so there's no reason for me to be training right now. When I could be happy and warm inside doing anything else.

At the same time though - I've got to a point where running just feels right. I get grumpy and bored when I don't run. It gives me time to think. And I'm not entirely sure what I would do if I didn't run. Plus I know that once I get out, and my legs are going and I've warmed up a bit, I'll be wondering how I ever thought I hated running.


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