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parkrun - 4th september 2021 - thurrock - 22:26 (?)

Another parkrun! I've definitely fully recovered from my cold now, so I had no excuses today (other than my lack of fitness). I had planned to get up at 7:30 and run to parkrun, but that didn't transpire. Luckily Beth woke up at 8:30 and told me to get out of bed.

The run itself went shockingly well! Right at the start there was a man who just overtook me, and he seemed to have good pace, so I decided to try and hang on to him. I stuck with him all the way around. He was really supportive and I think we pushed each other. I felt bad when I outsprinted him at the end, but I don't think he had much sprint in him. He managed to push me to my best 5k time this year (I think!), a 22:26... ish. Sadly I forgot my barcode so I never found my actual time (and I'm still 4 runs away from 50 :'( ). I think I was only a couple of seconds behind the guy in front, and that corresponds to my watch as well.

I'm happy with that though! I think strength training through climbing is helping, and I think the lack of other things to do in Grays means that (when we're not ill) we're running and exercising pretty regularly, which is nice.

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