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christchurch and dartmoor

Time for another holiday review! Well, the first week wasn't really a holiday. It was my Mum's birthday, so Beth and I went up to stay with my parents for a week. Josh was there as well, which was nice. It was also Catherine's last full week in the UK before going off to Stanford, so killing a few birds with one stone.

We were still working for the week, which was a bit sad, but had some time in the weekends and evenings to enjoy the coast. Highlights included beach games with Catherine and Caoimhe, a lunchtime swim and a lunchtime cycle, and a night-time beach stroll. We also went to see my Grandma, and my Aunt and Uncle were visiting; they're the last of my family that Beth hasn't met yet, so that was nice! We also went to Prezzo for mum's birthday... The less said about that, the better.






Then I went on to Dartmoor with some friends! We went to do some bouldering and did a good few days of it - we also went on a great walk and just generally enjoyed the moors. Bouldering outdoors is a lot more scary than in a gym!

We stayed in an AirBnB in a Christian Youth Activity Centre, which wasn't as bad as it sounds. The bungalow was pretty secluded and was actually pretty nice; we even had some fun peacock visitors.

It was a really great week of being outdoors, being with friends, playing board games and doing outdoor activities. Highlights included bouldering on Hound Tor (which was 30 minutes walk away, and which we went to multiple times (although the last day in the rain was a bit naff)), coasteering, the 13 mile walk with Tom, and the "rally stage".













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