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parkrun - 24th july 2021 - thurrock - 24:02

Parkrun is back!!!!

I thought it could be fun to keep a log of Parkruns as well. We missed the Wednesday 5k this month (v sad) but as the move is over I'm hoping to get more into it whilst we're living at Beth's parents'.

It was pretty humid and hot. It was raining just before we left and I wore my trail shoes, which probably wasn't the best idea as the ground was still really solid.

My time was 24:02, which was fine? Given how fit I feel at the moment anyway. It's kind of reassuring that I'm as fast as I was before I really started running. I haven't regressed past that, which is nice! And I know it comes back quite quickly. Anyway, onwards and upwards! Looking forward to more parkruns!

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