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marie kondo

(this post is from a few months ago, late January/February, but thought I'd post it anyway)

Whilst we've been working from home the last few months, we are slowly become more and more irritated by how messy the flat is. It's not massively messy, and we don't have a huge amount of things, but there is always something out of place, our bookshelf is overflowing a bit, and the Lego my brother and I buy each other for Christmas is finally stacking up a bit too high.

So we decided to declutter. I had two realisations fairly early on: I have too much stuff, and it's actually surprisingly easy to get rid of things once you get started. I usually really hate tidying, and will usually put off jobs that don't need doing for a long time. So while it definitely was a lot of effort to get the ball rolling and start the tidying process, once it was in full swing it was very easy to see the results. We've spend so much time in our flat now that having less clutter is so much less stressful. Those positive feelings kept the cleaning going. We have so many clothes to give away now!


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