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wednesday 5ks - june - 24:28

Back at it again! This month was slow. A couple of reasons:

I said to Beth when we started that I'd be happy with 25 minutes, and I got that, so I guess I'm not too upset. We've done quite a lot of exercise over the past few weeks so I think I am fitter, it's just hard for that to manifest at the moment.

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marie kondo

(this post is from a few months ago, late January/February, but thought I'd post it anyway)

Whilst we've been working from home the last few months, we are slowly become more and more irritated by how messy the flat is. It's not massively messy, and we don't have a huge amount of things, but there is always something out of place, our bookshelf is overflowing a bit, and the Lego my brother and I buy each other for Christmas is finally stacking up a bit too high.

So we decided to declutter. I had two realisations fairly early on: I have too much stuff, and it's actually surprisingly easy to get rid of things once you get started. I usually really hate tidying, and will usually put off jobs that don't need doing for a long time. So while it definitely was a lot of effort to get the ball rolling and start the tidying process, once it was in full swing it was very easy to see the results. We've spend so much time in our flat now that having less clutter is so much less stressful. Those positive feelings kept the cleaning going. We have so many clothes to give away now!


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stone farm

Rowan and Tom bought a climbing mat between them a while back, and have been doing some "proper" outdoor bouldering.

Beth and I went along this time. It was a glorious sunny day, and we did some climbing and chilled out in the countryside and then had a chat in a pub.



Just all round a pretty fab day. It's nice to be able to do things with people again.

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remembering things

Part of the reason for starting this blog was as kind of a diary to remember things. We're currently in the process of getting ready to move, which means going through all of our things and donating everything we don't want to move halfway across the world. Today we did books.


Turns out we had a lot of books.

I realised a big reason I keep books is I like remembering what I've read. I used to keep a list and review of what I read, but they got lost in my notes app.

So I've decided I am going to just post them on here. Enjoy some crappy book reviews (the reviews are crappy, hopefully not the books) coming your way!

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I'm not sure I've posted on here at all about our plans to move to Canada. Well it looks like it's actually happening! I got a job offer on Saturday. Still negotiating the terms of the offer, but I'm pretty sure it will happen. And then we'll be moving to Canada! Which is very exciting, as well as very scary.

Honestly, I'm super excited about the idea. I think the lifestyle will be so much better, and the city and the surrounding area are supposed to be fantastic. It seems like a great opportunity to get to do more of what we love to do in life.

That being said, it is scary leaving behind friends and family. When I moved to Paris, they were 2 hours and 150EUR away. Now they are substantially more. I'm sure we'll make new friends and people will come and visit, but it is still scary. Especially with Coronavirus still being a question. We'll have to see!

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