1. Ports Ahoy! The Age of Trade – Postmorterm

    I wrote a in-depth postmorterm about the game we made a week and a half ago.

    Come read it!

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  2. Ludum Dare #30.

    I am so pleased at how our game for LD30 came out.

    It’s a game all about trading and pirates and drop shadows. Play it:


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  3. Animation Helper!

    I was bored coming up to this Ludum Dare, so I made a tool to help with animation – and as per the LD rules, I’m making it and the source available to download.

    Link to tool:

    You can export stuff to the format needed to add animations to my spritesheet implementation, but apart from that you can preview animations which is pretty cool.

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  4. Basic AS3 Engine

    I’ve been working on my own AS3 engine for quite a while now. It’s pretty barebones, but it has some pretty nifty functions and classes that will hopefully save my lots of time this upcoming Ludum Dare. It’s got particles, input handling, spritesheet handling, tweens and eases, some basic GUI stuff, sound effects, and a few other helpful bits and pieces.

    Hopefully the work I put into it will pay off this weekend!

    It’s avaliable at

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  5. So… My website got hacked.

    I think I’ve fixed most of it though.

    To whoever did it, please don’t do it again. It caused me quite a bit of hassle. :)

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  6. I’ve realised what my problem is.

    In short, it’s most game devs’ problem. Not being able to finish things. But it’s not only that I’m not able to finish a complete game, it’s the fact I’m not able to finish the little parts of the game as well.

    I often find myself charging in to add a feature without really thinking through how I’m going to implement it. Then, it turns out that it doesn’t quite works, but works some of the time. I think “That works well enough, I’ll come back to it later” and leaving it half done. So right now, I basically have a whole load of half finished features, and I have no idea what needs doing.

    Also, I’m far too concerned with optimization and proper coding practises. I worry about whether I should use getters and setters, whether I should rewrite that as a function or have that as a static variable, etc. I need to stop doing that too.

    Oh. And I don’t comment my bloody code. That probably doesn’t help.

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  7. I’m really not inspired at the moment.

    As you may have noticed if you’ve watched any of the videos, in some weeks I tend to get nothing done, and in others I tend to get a lot done. I’m in the former phase at the moment.

    I’m at the stage in development where I’m finishing up the engine so I can add all the content to the game. However, as is the curse of development, my code is turning into a spaghetti-ified mess, and it’s going to take me a while to get everything done. Of course, what I really want to do is start over and make everything better, but that’ll just be a waste of time because it will end up just the same way.

    So, I think I may take a break from DIG. In fact, you could say I’ve already started on the break. I’ve done hardly anything over the last two weeks.
    Of course, I will return to DIG, but I’m going to go quiet for a while. I might try and do a quick game in a month or something, who knows. But I’m not leaving DIG. Promise.

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  8. I’ve been canoeing

    Apologies for the lack of video this week. I was canoeing on saturday and working Sunday, plus I haven’t really done much on DIG recently. However, I’m planning on doing quite a bit of work on the game this week, so hopefully next week’s video will make up for it. :)

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  9. Woo! Week 6/7/8 video! :D

    Woo! Week 6/7/8 video! :D

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  10. Changing ideas

    When I first started DIG, it was a different game to what it is now. I planned it to be a quick and easy to pick up game, which is why I chose Flash and AS3. When people play online games, they’re not looking for time investment, they’re looking for something to waste a few minutes or hours – but with something simple.

    DIG is not that.

    DIG now is a lot more in depth. I’ve planned a proper story for it, and it’s a game you have to want to invest time into to get the best results.

    So, I reckon I’m now going to market DIG as a normal desktop game… which means I have quite a few less limitations, which is nice. However, I now have quite a few other things to think about. So it’s a trade off I guess.

    Anyway, I have no idea how to attack this. I’m just going to keep coding and going with the flow.

    Also, is now the official artist for DIG! :D

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