1. We’re doing a massive stream for LD30!

    So I’m taking ¬†part in LD30 with a team, like with LD27. We had lots of fun streaming last time, so this time we’re making streaming our second priority! (After making the game of course.)

    We’ve almost got a stream schedule ready with cool stuff like a giveaway, live chats, live cooking, live reactions to Doctor Who, a special guest, playthroughs of our games and others, plus some funky camerawork to capture the whole weekend! From Friday at about 4pm (GMT), you can watch the whole thing here:

    If you can, pop along some time over the weekend and we’ll try to entertain you! I’ll be posting the schedule when we’ve finished it and made it look pretty, but for now you can follow us on various sites:
    LD profile:

    Posted at 10:20 pm on the 18th August 2014 in LD30, Literal Games, Ludum Dare with No Comments