1. So… Ludum Dare #28.

    I finished Uni on the weekend Ludum Dare was happening. I was gutted, as there was a gathering at my university of people doing Ludum Dare, and I think being surrounded by people making games whilst you’re making a game would be an amazing experience.

    On Sunday night, I was chatting to a friend on skype and jokingly suggested, that with about 7 hours left, I should make something for Ludum Dare.

    …and then I decided it shouldn’t be a joke.

    I ended up coding deep into the night, and making something I’m actually quite proud of. I’m calling it Unicode, because I couldn’t think of a better name at 5am and needed to submit it before I went crazy.

    I might do a post about the random generation, because for 6 hours I’m really proud of it.

    Play it here!


    Also, yes! I’m not dead! I’m hopefully going to do some more blog posts soon, because I really want to get back into game dev. DIG isn’t dead!

    Posted at 2:35 am on the 28th December 2013 in LD28, Ludum Dare with No Comments