Ludum Dare

  1. Ludum Dare #33 – The Monster Files

    So Ludum Dare 33 went better than I could have hoped. We made an awesome game and I’m really rather proud of it. It’s an interactive fiction point and click murder mystery, with clowns and dogs and butlers and surgeons and bodies. Play it now!

    Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 16.11.13


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  2. We’re doing a massive stream for LD30!

    So I’m taking  part in LD30 with a team, like with LD27. We had lots of fun streaming last time, so this time we’re making streaming our second priority! (After making the game of course.)

    We’ve almost got a stream schedule ready with cool stuff like a giveaway, live chats, live cooking, live reactions to Doctor Who, a special guest, playthroughs of our games and others, plus some funky camerawork to capture the whole weekend! From Friday at about 4pm (GMT), you can watch the whole thing here:

    If you can, pop along some time over the weekend and we’ll try to entertain you! I’ll be posting the schedule when we’ve finished it and made it look pretty, but for now you can follow us on various sites:
    LD profile:

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  3. So… Ludum Dare #28.

    I finished Uni on the weekend Ludum Dare was happening. I was gutted, as there was a gathering at my university of people doing Ludum Dare, and I think being surrounded by people making games whilst you’re making a game would be an amazing experience.

    On Sunday night, I was chatting to a friend on skype and jokingly suggested, that with about 7 hours left, I should make something for Ludum Dare.

    …and then I decided it shouldn’t be a joke.

    I ended up coding deep into the night, and making something I’m actually quite proud of. I’m calling it Unicode, because I couldn’t think of a better name at 5am and needed to submit it before I went crazy.

    I might do a post about the random generation, because for 6 hours I’m really proud of it.

    Play it here!


    Also, yes! I’m not dead! I’m hopefully going to do some more blog posts soon, because I really want to get back into game dev. DIG isn’t dead!

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  4. Ludum Dare! Engine!

    So I’m entering the Ludum Dare with a group of friends, and since I’m using my engine, I need to upload my engine (which Alex has called “8th Plague” (my girlfriend made us watch The Prince Of Egypt just now)).

    So here it is:


    Also I’m really looking forward to entering the Jam with a team this time, and actually entering Ludum Dare! I haven’t done it for ages.

    We’re livestreaming a webcam of our progress, which you can find here:

    Good luck to everyone entering Ludum Dare!

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  5. Ludum Dare is amazing.

    My twitter feed is filled with all the game devs I follow actually working on something, and finishing it in a weekend. That’s really something.

    What I just said is kind of obvious, but it blows my mind. So many game devs round the world are being connected by what they (hopefully) enjoy doing, and the sense of community is huge. The results are really impressive as well.

    I’m really gutted I couldn’t enter. I haven’t been on my computer all weekend, so I wouldn’t have been able to do anything. Damn working on a Sunday.

    It does really upset me that I haven’t really done anything for the last three LDs. LD22 I was ill, LD23 (where I managed to get out of work) I really didn’t get a good idea, and this one I was working.

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  6. Well, Ludum Dare 23 didn’t go so well.

    Play the game
    View my entry page

    So, I didn’t finish my game this Ludum Dare. I did, however, get a nice prototype, which I will hopefully be adding to. I’m calling it Revolves for now.


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  7. Just in case I want to use it…

    I’ve been adding to a bare bones AS3 engine for a while, and as I may want to use it for LD23, I’m making it publicly available.

    You can download it here.

    It’s all pretty self explanatory, and there’s not really much of it.

    On, and you can expect quite a few Ludum Dare update posts over the next two days. :)

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