1. I’m really not inspired at the moment.

    As you may have noticed if you’ve watched any of the videos, in some weeks I tend to get nothing done, and in others I tend to get a lot done. I’m in the former phase at the moment.

    I’m at the stage in development where I’m finishing up the engine so I can add all the content to the game. However, as is the curse of development, my code is turning into a spaghetti-ified mess, and it’s going to take me a while to get everything done. Of course, what I really want to do is start over and make everything better, but that’ll just be a waste of time because it will end up just the same way.

    So, I think I may take a break from DIG. In fact, you could say I’ve already started on the break. I’ve done hardly anything over the last two weeks.
    Of course, I will return to DIG, but I’m going to go quiet for a while. I might try and do a quick game in a month or something, who knows. But I’m not leaving DIG. Promise.

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    1. DavianBlack says:

      I fall into this exact same trap often. What I usually do is start on the engine then, at some point I’ll get fed up with it. In the past I’ve taken this opportunity to start refactoring code but ultimately, you get nothing done this way.

      Hence, I’ve made peace with the fact that if I want to be an indie developer I will sometimes encounter scenarios where sub-optimal code / architectures need to be used for the sake of progress.

      Also, when I get stuck in a rut of doing back-end stuff, I move over to creating new content, new features. Anything fun! And if you reaaaally feel like it, redo a small portion of your code to make that more optimal and neat.

      But please don’t give up. Take a small break if you have to but get right back on the metaphorical horse.

      • Nathan Patel says:

        That’s exactly how I feel right now, glad to hear I’m not the only one :L

        That sounds like a good plan. I might see if there’s anything silly and fancy I can add into the game (I’m looking at you dynamite.)

        Yeah, I’m definitely coming back to this project. I do enjoy it.

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