1. Changing ideas

    When I first started DIG, it was a different game to what it is now. I planned it to be a quick and easy to pick up game, which is why I chose Flash and AS3. When people play online games, they’re not looking for time investment, they’re looking for something to waste a few minutes or hours – but with something simple.

    DIG is not that.

    DIG now is a lot more in depth. I’ve planned a proper story for it, and it’s a game you have to want to invest time into to get the best results.

    So, I reckon I’m now going to market DIG as a normal desktop game… which means I have quite a few less limitations, which is nice. However, I now have quite a few other things to think about. So it’s a trade off I guess.

    Anyway, I have no idea how to attack this. I’m just going to keep coding and going with the flow.

    Also, is now the official artist for DIG! :D

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