1. DCS – Dig Command Script

    Some of you may know that the workers in my game have ‘commands’ that they can execute, such as Mine Left, Walk To a point, etc.

    I was finding these rather difficult to work out how to code, as commands had to access other commands, and commands could report errors which would means I would somehow have to stop the previous command at a certain point. I was previously accomplishing it using a function where a command had ‘subCommands’.

    However, executing commands within commands within commands was horrible to do. I couldn’t think of an elegant solution that would allow me to break in and out of the commands at any time and also allows errors to stop a command in their tracks.

    So, I wrote my own little scripting language.

    It’s very assembly like. Which is always fun.

    Also, being a scripting language, it has all the advantages of being a scripting language, such as being editable at runtime (which is amazing).

    It’s been a fun learning experience, writing an interpreter/parser. (I’m going to say parser – it doesn’t feel good enough to be classified as an interpreter).

    So yeah. I can dip in and out, commands can execute other commands, and it’s awesome. The only problem is it’s quite hard to code in. Ah well, it gets the job done.

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